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Shanna Tellerman ('03, '05) Eric Daimler ('94, '10', 14) discuss AI, Computer Vision, and Entrepreneurship

  • Docusign 221 Main Street San Francisco, CA 94105 USA (map)

Shanna Tellerman is currently CEO of Modsy and previously at Google Ventures where she was focused on the future of the retail experience, 3D technologies and SaaS platforms. In her spare time, she launched a new program at GV to connect the Fortune 500 with relevant startups. She founded her first technology company, Sim Ops Studios, acquired by Autodesk, out of graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. At Sim Ops, they launched a cloud based 3D game platform called Wild Pockets with a mission to democratize the creation process of 3D content. Following the Autodesk acquisition, she was the Product Line Manager responsible for the initial launch of Autodesk Cloud which we launched within nine months after joining. 

Eric Daimler was a White House Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Office of Science and Technology Policy under the Obama administration and is a Partner at The Robotics Hub. His career began as a developer at the Software Engineering Institute. He spent more than a decade as financier, investor and entrepreneur in New York, London, and the San Francisco Bay area. Formerly as Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Software Engineering program and lectured broadly on Engineered Innovation, launching the Entrepreneurship program in 2003. He also founded the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Association in 1987, co-founded the Computer Science College's Alumni Advisory Board in 1998 and was one of the founders of Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley in 2002. For Merrill Lynch, and later Morgan Stanley, Mr. Daimler worked on complex financial transactions for companies such as Cisco and Netscape, and for sovereign countries such as Colombia and Lebanon. He worked as the first non-founder executive in a NEA/KPCB (Vinod Khosla)-backed storage software and systems company developing dynamically scalable storage. In addition, he has founded or co-founded six companies. Mr. Daimler's track record in research, investing and consulting has tended toward complex issues, especially around the concepts of influence networks, modeling socio-economic systems and recently the behavior or central banks.